Fast Funding Ideas

Fast Funding Ideas: One area that always comes up in  visits to our dealer partners is what can our dealers do to speed up funding?  What we have seen time and time again comes down to the following three things:

·         Checklist: We provide our dealers with a deal funding checklist on our website as well as on Dealer Track and Route One.  Dealers that use this checklist as a final check before sending their deal in for funding will often times see their deal fund on the day in which it is received.

·         Fax Funding: We offer our dealers the ability to fax or e-mail contract packages to us prior to sending the originals to us in the mail.  This will allow us to start the verification process earlier and often time will result in the deal being funded as soon as the originals are received.

·         Work Number/Employment Verification:  Verifying employment for sub-prime customers is extremely important and is a practice that dealers should complete prior to delivering a car if possible as it will save you a lot of time in the funding process.

Follow these three items with every deal and turbocharge your funding times with Coastal!

Posted on April 24, 2017 .